Our Training approach ‘Train for Clean Air’ (T4CA)

A key project activity is the development, delivery and institutionalization of a standardized modular air quality management (AQM) training. The project follows the principles of the UN TRAIN-X methodology in accordance with the Training Development Guidelines of the UN Conference on Trade and Development.

Based on a ‘Training Needs Analysis’, AQM experts and city officials from across the ASEAN Region identified key topics that should be covered in the courses to be developed. In a next step, a ‘Course Developer Workshop’ aimed to familiarize course developers with the TRAIN-X methodology. Next, a ‘Training Needs Assessment’ workshop was organized. During this event, AQM experts from across ASEAN confirmed the identified key topics, and a ‘Design a Curriculum’ session was held to structure the selected courses to be developed. Based on this, the AQM experts developed the courses and conducted peer reviews and a validation workshop for each course. In ‘Course Instructor Workshops’, air quality management experts from all over Asia were trained to become T4CA course instructors. To date, 23 instructors are available which have trained more than 600 course participants either in English or in their own local language.

Currently, five priority courses were developed and validated by local air quality management experts:

five courses T4CA

T4CA Institutionalization

Currently, the project focuses on identifying regional and national training partners for the institutionalization of T4CA in the ASEAN region. A key strategic partner for this process is ‘Clean Air Asia’. On the national level, the Training Center of the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and the National Municipal League of Thailand have become national training hubs. Both institutions already deliver T4CA courses on a regular and cost-sharing basis with the project. The national training partners will also regularly update the materials and adopt them to the local circumstances.